Subject Previous Provision New or Revised Provision
Asbestos UN 2212, BLUE or BROWN ASBESTOS and UN 2590, WHITE ASBESTOS The entries in Table A of Chapter 3.2, The Dangerous Goods list are amended with new proper shipping names (PSNs).The entry for UN 2212 is amended to “ASBESTOS, AMPHIBOLE (amosite, tremolite, actinolite, anthophyllite, crocidolite)”and the PSN for UN 2590 is amended to read “ASBESTOS, CHRYSOTILE”.Note that the description given in brackets in lower case does not form part of the PSN required for documentation and labelling purposes under ADR
Class 7 driver training partial exemption Unintended modification of S12, Chapter 8.5 S12, of Chapter 8.5 was inadvertently amended in 2013, this effectively removed the exemption from specialised training for drivers of small Class 7 loads.S12 has been rewritten to provide that as long as no more than 10 packages are carried, the sum of the TIs does not exceed 3 and there are no subsidiary hazards then the driver does not require to be ADR qualified.However, the driver shall have received general awareness training for which the driver shall have been issued with a certificate.
Emergency Instructions in Writing New entry prohibiting the use of Electronic Cigarettes The first page of the Emergency Instructions in Writing as given in has been amended to prohibit the use of electronic cigarettes along with other minor amendments for the vehicle crew.There are also other amendments to the Instructions in Writing.Therefore, revised Instructions in Writing must be provided to drivers. (These will be provided on our website when they become officially available)Note a new transitional measure;, grants that the 2013 Instructions in Writing can be used until the end of 2017.
Empty Packages New Provision, no real change as it would be more complicated to use the new provision. Certain empty packages, carried for disposal, can now be assigned to a new entry, UN 3509. (ADR 2.1.5) with detailed requirements given in new Special Provision 663 of Chapter 3.3.Empty packages can still be carried under the provisions of exemption as Transport Category 4 if they have not contained Transport Category 0 goods.Empty packages may also not be subject to ADR under my view, the new entry of UN 3509 is superfluous as empty packages can be consigned without the application of ADR under or the majority of ADR transport rules under the provisions of
Environmentally Hazardous Substances (EHS) Previously small packages of UN 3082 and UN 3077 would come under the provisions of ADR but some relaxation was provided with a LQ limit of 5L or 5kg. For Environmentally Hazardous Substances, which do not meet the criteria to be included in other classes and therefore assigned to UN 3082 for liquids and UN 3077 for solids.A new Special Provision, SP 375 of 3.3 is added to The Dangerous Goods List, Table A of 3.2.1.When carried in single or combination packages of 5L or 5kg per single or inner packaging or less are not subject to ADR provided packaging meets general requirements (, and to Packaging is not required to be UN tested.
Lamps Previous rules not clear, the gas in lamps exempted under (h) but some lamp contents could meet the requirements for Class 4. Lamps now specifically exempted from ADR under new provision provided criteria are met.This includes those carried as waste for recycling from a collection or recycling facility but the containers they are carried in must be capable of meeting a 1.2m drop test in accordance with (c).
Marking of Overpacks No size requirement (a) the marking of the word “OVERPACK” must be at least 12mm high.Note that this change has a transitional implementation date of 31st December 2015 ( but this is not reflected in the air rules.
Marking of Salvage Packaging No size requirement the marking of the word “SALVAGE” must be at least 12mm high.Note that this change has a transitional implementation date of 31st December 2015 under
Paint and Printing Inks Paint and paint related material and Printing Ink and Printing Ink Related Material would have to be described separately on the DGN New Special Provision SP 367 added to Chapter 3.3 and entered into The Dangerous Goods List, Table A of Chapter 3.2 for UN 1210, UN 1263, UN 3066, UN 3469 and UN 3470.The PSN “Paint Related Material” for the purposes of documentation may be used for consignments of packages containing “Paint” and “Paint Related Material” in the same package.This is mirrored for other entries, e.g. Ink Related Material.
Smoking Prohibition (ECigs) Prohibition of Electronic Cigarettes The prohibition on smoking in Chapters 8.3.5 and 8.5 S1 (3) is amended to include electronic cigarettes and similar devices.
Vacuum operated waste tanks (Vac Tanks) Clarification of provisions Clarification that Vacuum Operated Waste Tanks can be used to carry products classed as dangerous goods if authorised and are not restricted to just carrying wastes.This is confirmed by a new entry,
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