In accordance with the IMDG Code, Chapter 6.7, § “Cargo Transport Units” (CTUs) or “Cargo Carrying Units” (CCUs) handled in open seas, such as portable tanks, typically used in the offshore industry, are not covered by The Convention for Safe Containers.

Instead, reference should be made to MSC/Circ 860.

As detailed in MGN 282 CTUs/CCUs built to BS 7072, or for portable tanks, the frames of which are built to BS 7072, which was withdrawn in October 1999 , have been allowed to continue in service subject to maintenance and service schedules being to a recognised standard.

The deadline for such CTUs/CCUs to be taken out of service or to be remanufactured is 1st January 2015.

It is a legal requirement for the UK Offshore Industry, that all persons engaged in the transport of dangerous goods by sea, receive training in the requirements of the IMDG Code, commensurate with their responsibilities.

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