The text of ADR 2017, agreed by the UN Experts, is now finalised. It will be applicable from 1st January.

The official amendments are available on the UNECE Website.

Please see also our full written analysis of the changes here.

We’ve produced a series of video blogs which outline the main changes including:

• lithium batteries – new marks and labels

• the shipping of engines, vehicles and machinery,

• polymerising substances, for which a new class is added,

• hydrogen peroxide in tanks (deletion of ‘OX’ vehicles)

• amendments to the principles of classification,

• introduction of flexible bulk containers, and,

• amendments to the provisions for waste aerosols, the application of special provisions and use of overpacks.

There is a blanket transitional arrangement to allow the provisions of ADR 2015 to be used until July 2017. In addition, for more complex changes, such as for the new lithium battery marks and labels, there are longer transitional arrangements in place.