The 2017 edition of ADR is applicable from 1st January 2017 and includes some major changes for dangerous goods transport.

These include:
• a new class for polymerising substances,
• new marks and labels for lithium batteries,
• new UN numbers,
• changes to the principles of classification,
• changes for the shipping of engines and machinery, and,
• various amendments to the special provisions.

Awareness training for those involved in the transport of dangerous goods is a legal obligation, as is refresher training to take into account new provisions when the regulations change.

Our new and updated ADR e-learning course includes all of the major changes in ADR 2017, plus:
• new lesson and videos detailing the provisions for asbestos,
• new video to explain the procedures for choosing the proper shipping name,
• new lesson and video for mixed packing and loading provisions,
• access to ADR 2017
• updated reference material, test and new certificates.

Each lesson page still includes the ‘comments’ box so that you can discuss any provisions with our qualified DGSAs, that we know so many have found helpful.

The updated course can be purchased online through our website or via emailed invoice for multiple users.