There are some important amendments concerning dangerous goods in engines, machinery and equipment present in ADR 2019.

The transport of machinery or equipment which happens to contain dangerous goods (and which were not covered by specific UN numbers) was previous exempt by ADR paragraph (b).

This paragraph has been deleted in ADR 2019 (although new transitional measure means it can still effectively be used until 31st December 2022).

In its place, we have:

  • the UN numbers for engines and machinery introduced in 2017: UN 3528, UN 3529 and UN 3530,
  • a revised entry for UN 3363, dangerous goods in machinery or dangerous goods in apparatus,
  • new UN numbers UN 3537 to UN 3548 for articles containing dangerous goods.

In each case there are specific points which must be taken into consideration, such as complying with special provisions linked to each UN number. Many of these are new or have been revised in ADR 2019, for example;

  • Vehicles transporting engines and Machinery assigned to UN 3528, UN 3529 and UN 3530 containing more than 1000 L of fuel, or in the case of Class 2, with a fuel tank above the capacity of 1000 L, will now be required to display orange plates and abide by tunnel restrictions,
  • UN 3363 is only applicable when the dangerous goods contained within the machinery or apparatus are authorised by the limited quantity provisions and at or below the LQ limits
  • specific classification, packing, marking and labelling requirements apply to the new UN numbers UN 3537 to UN 3548.

How can we help?

Full details of all the changes contained in ADR 2019 and how they work in practice can be downloaded from our Website:

adr 2019 main changes download

Our ADR awareness online e-learning course has been updated to reflect all of the changes in ADR 2019 and includes a copy of our ADR 2019 changes publication.

Or our Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor (DGSA) consultants will be happy to explain the changes and what you need to do to comply with the law when transporting these goods.

See our Dangerous Goods Consultancy Services here.