Lithium batteries are a fairly recent inclusion in the dangerous goods rules and we have seen a complex set of arrangements build up governing how they are to be transported over recent years. Not least the latest amendments which came into force in 2019.

lithium battery shipping tool

There are different rules depending on how large the batteries are, what their energy or lithium content is, whether they are packed by themselves, in equipment or with equipment.

In addition, there are specific rules for defective, critically defective, prototype and waste batteries.

BATTERY MAN-03To help demystify what can be confusing provisions, we’ve developed our online lithium battery shipping tool.

Our mascot Lionel Batterie will guide you through the questions to help choose a classification for the batteries you want to ship, choose the correct packing method and the correct marks and labels when required, explained in easy to understand language with a detailed explanation of the main terms.

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