As an external provider of Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser (DGSA) Services we are often requested to act on behalf of clients as their DGSA, but many people are not aware of the provisions establishing the requirement for a DGSA.

The appointment of a DGSA is a road transport requirement, in Europe, under the European Agreement Concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road, known as ADR.

ADR is legislated in the UK through the Carriage of Dangerous Goods and Use of Transportable Pressure Equipment Regulations 2009, as amended. These regulations are referred to as the CDG Regs.

A DGSA is not required to provide advice for Sea and Air modes, although many, including ourselves, do.

Undertakings who ship limited or excepted quantities, loads below the ADR quantities carried per transport unit threshold (ADR or for whom the activities of shipping dangerous goods are not their main or secondary activites, are not required to appoint a DGSA.

However, such undertakings may from time to time require the help of a DGSA, or sufficiently trained consultant for other modes, in order to establish and maintain the proper procedures for handling dangerous goods.

In addition, many undertakings may have one or more in-house DGSA(s), but often require additional advice from a consultant DGSA who has experience in areas that in-house staff are not fully experienced with, or to help solve problems that have arisen.

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