IMDG- Dangerous-Goods-by-Sea-

The IMDG Code, Amendment 37-14, may be applied voluntarily from 1st January 2015 and will become mandatory from 1st January 2016.

Marking of Packages

In accordance with IMDG, Amendments 36-12 and 37-14; packages must bear the limited quantity marking. Nothing has changed in this respect.


In both 36-12 and 37-14; it is stated that the marking may be reduced in size if the package so requires, but the minimum dimensions must not be less than 50 mm x 50 mm.

The change in Amendment 37-14 is that when reduced in size, the minimum width of the line forming the diamond must not be less than 1 mm. In 36-12, there is no specification, only that the marking remains clearly visible.

Placarding of Cargo Transport Units (CTUs)

In accordance with IMDG, in Amendments 36-12 and 37-14; CTUs containing dangerous goods packed in limited quantities and no other dangerous goods which require placarding, must be placarded with the limited quantity mark (on both sides and both ends).

In the case of goods packed in limited quantities which are also classed as marine pollutants, in Amendment 36-12, the marine pollutant mark is also required, regardless of whether other dangerous goods are carried (IMDG 36-12: §

In Amendment 37-14: § has been deleted. The marine pollutant mark is not required for goods packed in limited quantities under Amendment 37-14, regardless of whether the limited quantity mark itself is required.

There are a variety of important changes in the IMDG Code Amendment 37-14.  Many of which will make life easier for shippers or could remove goods from regulation all-together.

Dangerous goods shippers by sea must ensure that all employees with duties concerned by the IMDG Code are properly trained in the provisions identified by Chapter 1.3.

When the regulations change, this training must be supplemented to take account of these changes.

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Copies of the IMDG Code Amendment 37-14 are available from our good friends at AirSea Containers.