The 13th Adaption to Technical Progress (ATP) has been published as Commission Regulation EU 2018/1480 and is available here:

But what does this mean?

The ATP updates harmonised classifications for certain substances and changes the title of ‘Table 3.1″ to “Table 3”.

Of particular note, are four substances for which Acute Toxicity Estimates (ATEs) were previously provided, including for Nicotine, for mixture classifications, to be expressed as mg/kg body weight.

This and the previous changes which introduced ATEs for Nicotine will be of particular note to those classifying the increasingly popular vape products, both for supply, for transport and for disposal when classed as wastes.


Also of note are new entries for Tetramethrin which is a commonly used pesticide in parts of the World which is assigned:

Carc. 2, Acute Tox. 4 ,STOT SE 2, Aquatic Acute 1 and Aquatic Chronic 1with a multiplication factor of 100;

among others, including Pinoxaden, Flutianil, Mesosulfuron-methyl, Spirodiclofen, Pyroxsulam and Amisulbrom.

For full details of the changes and details of the implementation dates please see the link to the full text above.

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