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Waste Duty of Care Code of Practice

Pursuant to Section 34 of the Environmental Protection Act, the waste duty of care code of practice outlines the steps those producing, transporting and disposing of waste must take to comply with the law.

Available here:

Applicable to England and Wales.

Similar guidance is produced for Scotland and Northern Ireland, available here:

Exemptions from the Radioactive Substances Legislation

Is my waste radioactive waste or is it exempt?  Does my activity fall within scope of the radioactive substances legislation? To answer these questions, the new guidance applicable in England, Wales and Northern Ireland is available here:

Sector Guidance for the Recovery and Disposal of Hazardous and Non-Hazardous Waste

This guidance (S5.06) is specific for IPPC regulated sites, but is often seen as best practice for those sites and activities not falling under the IPPC regime.

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